Slick is the official Closing party of the Manchester Rubbermen Weekend so this is the only rubber dresscode party and your outfit should be mainly rubber top and bottom.
Dresscode includes:
If you’re into showing more skin, a rubber jock and boots and harness is allowed.

Trainers are allowed if you’re going for a sporty rubber look with high tops and footy socks.

Of course, accessories of leather and metal etc are all welcome just be careful of spikes and things with sharp edges as it will be busy in there and if you rip someone’s outfit open you best be ready to replace it 😉

No denim jeans (unless under chaps for the retro look, but not on their own).
Things that aren’t rubber: PVC, Lycra, Maskulo, “Rubberised” spandex.
Slick is the only strict rubber party all weekend so let’s keep it purely rubbery!