Darkcell has a strict dress code.
It’ll be something different and new, while it will be a mainly male crowd you’ll see some dark drag and trans girls, this is an alternative queer event after all, we want to shy away from this idea of exclusion and solely hyper masculinity as there’s a whole spectrum of sex out there, we want to just celebrate the twisted, kinky, dark and sexy; if a guy wants to wear some heels to express his sexuality, we’re all for that, if a girl wants to dress like Tom of Finland, then why the hell not.
The fetish scene started out of a need to break the mould and be alternative so lets not get stuck in our own ways and let’s just tear it up and explore a world of sensory pleasure! It’s not like you’re ever forced to play with everyone at an event so worry less about what others wear and just feel what you think is hot and you’ll have an awesome time and maybe have your eyes opened!

That being said, we need a dress code to ensure everyone coming is in that same mindset and not just spectators, if you’re new then there’s no reason not to borrow some off a friend and see what feeling piggy is like 😉
So make sure your outfit mainly consists of the following:
Rubber (well, it is the rubber weekend)
Slick it up
Metal (Chains, Collars, Chastity belts)
PVC (proper fetish PVC, not “sexy nurse” from your local family costume shop)
Fetish Cosplay (still needs to be rubber/leather etc)
Contacts, fantasy, makeup (we encourage some dark alternative creativity as long as it’s sexy.)

If you’re not in fetish gear you won’t get in! Trainers can be allowed if you’re going for a sporty rubber and hi-tops look but not jeans/tshirts. If there’s no cotton to be found on you we’re liking the sound of that but if you don’t think it’d get you some funny looks on the bus then you’re probably not looking that pervy 😉