Grant Making

Grant Making

We make grants to charitable organisations following fundraising activity, usually annually following our Manchester Rubber Weekend (“#MRM”).

Grants are made in line with this grant making policy:

In accordance with current Charity Commission guidelines, we have devised the following grant-making policy in order to:

a) assist applicants to determine whether or not an application to us would be appropriate

b) ensure that a consistent approach is adopted to the consideration of applications for financial support



a) Beneficiary Status

We will consider applications for grants from Charitable organisations. It will not normally consider applications from individuals or from any form of profit making organisation. In making donations the Charity will seek to benefit local LGBT people and its primary focus will be to help charities that improve the quality of life of LGBT persons in the our operating area.


b) Geographical Area

We consider that the core area to be served by us is Greater Manchester. Applications from organisations based in that county (or from national organisations with an active local presence, and where assurance can be given that grants will be used within the core area) will be preferred to those from other areas.


c) Purpose of Grant

Grants will normally be made for capital expenditure, i.e. to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as buildings, fixtures and fittings, machinery, furniture and other equipment.

Applications for funding of revenue/running costs, such as salaries, rent and rates are less likely to be considered favourably, and only if such expenditure is for the longer term benefit of the charity’s beneficiaries. Such expenses will never be funded on an ongoing basis. We will not normally consider grants for projects to cover expenditure which has already been incurred or committed. Where an award is to be made to fund a long term development project the Trustees will assess the details of the project, including timescales for development and the ongoing financial viability of the development. Copies of business plans and / or building plans may be requested as appropriate. For building development projects confirmation that planning permission has been obtained will be a pre-requisite. Where an award to be made by us will cover only a relatively small proportion of the costs to be incurred by a grant recipient, we may make any payment conditional upon the applicant obtaining the remaining funding from other sources.

d) Size of Grants

The amount of any grant awarded will not normally be less than £250 or greater than £5,000.

e) Assessment Process

We will normally expect, as a minimum, to be provided with

  1. A copy of the applicant organisation’s most recent set of financial statements.
  1. Details of the purchase / expenditure to be funded, including a full cost breakdown.
  2. Confirmation of the amount of financial support already received or pledged towards the overall cost.

f) Post-Award Review

We reserve the right to request from the grantee confirmation that funds have been spent appropriately. We may ask for a photograph of any capital items funded by an award, or for a report after a suitable period from the body receiving the grant to update us on the progress of its project.


In short, our policy is to support charitable organisations within the county of Greater Manchester with grants for items of capital expenditure.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please get in touch with us.