About MRmen

What’s this all about?

578866_367372783378737_1229359410_nWelcome to the home of the Manchester Rubbermen, a community based group aimed at guys into Rubber/Latex and all that goes along with it!

We aim to hold social gatherings every few months for guys of all ages, whether they are just discovering an interest in rubber or happen to be an old hand at getting slippery. Manchester’s rubber scene is on the rise and we aim to spread a bit of community and togetherness at events and round the Village.

We do pub crawls to vanilla bars and clubs causing some heads to turn and eyes to be opened to a subculture that doesn’t have to be dark, embarrassing or secret, pride marches in the summer, through to visiting the regular kinky spots around Manchester and further afield to support what work has gone before us and to help new LGBT ventures to thrive! We hold fundraising events too like the annual Manchester Rubber Weekend, which drew over a thousand people from sixteen different countries last year, so there’s always ways to come and make some rubbery mates and share a bit of rubbery pride! All our events are open to those with an interest in rubber or latex, no matter how they identify their sexual orientation.

How did this start off?

The ball started rolling when Sly Hands jumped across the pond for a long weekend to visit the rubbery boys in Chicago for the annual Mister International Rubber event in Nov 2008, a top weekend with guys flying from round the world to crown their new king, hosted by the Chicago Rubbermen and was blown away by the open, fun, friendly atmosphere where rubber was something to show and not keep underground.

He was inspired to bring a piece of this back home and thus the Manchester Rubbermen were born. After lots of emails and messages flying all over the place for a few months it became obvious the guys of Manchester wanted something similar, so in the spring of 2009 about 30 of us met up in Via for an informal bar crawl and a mailing list was set up which has now evolved into this nifty little blog and a very active facebook group! With loads of guys being involved in the decision making and planning by mutual consensus.

In the last 6 years we’ve had plenty of socials consisting of the bar crawls, we’ve had our own exclusive events with demos and gear giveaways, and others where we just meet and go along to other rubbery events so there’s something for everyone whether it’s all new or you’re up for getting your rubber out on show!

How can I get involved?

It’s easy, this site is for you to get connected and check out on the proceedings of the next events and have your say, so if you haven’t signed up please do! You can also join us on facebook (It’s hidden so won’t show up on your wall) and on twitter.

Word of mouth plays a large part in getting everyone involved, if everyone invites a few mates it soon spreads, as we are completely non profit so rely solely on ‘we the people’. You’ll find plenty of us on Recon.com sporting the Manchester Rubbermen logo on their profiles so stick it up on yours, say hello and get along to the next meet!

Where did the logo come from?

So if you looked at the Chicago Rubbermen Site by now you’ll see some obvious similarities. Their old logo was the inspiration of the Manchester logo and in recent times, the Chicago boys loved our logo so much they commissioned a matching new logo in their colours, which in turn gave birth to the London Rubbermen to give a brotherhood feel!

The colours of the Manchester logo, red and yellow are both the colours of the Manchester Crest and coincidentally the Rubber Pride Flag, the three yellow stripes also from the crest are the 3 rivers of manchester, The Irwell, The Irk and the Medlock (the same stripes can be found on the Man City FC emblem. The roses are the Lancashire Rose and also appear on the Manchester crest.

The Gasmask, a classic rubber paraphernalia is a direct homage to the Chicago guys and the Tyre was just an inventive way of turning the original black circle into something we all can associate with, pure, raw, thick rubber! Even the font is in a Dunlop style just to add to the tyre effect so Sly put a lot of thought into it! And we love it.

Does membership cost anything?

Short answer is no. We run entirely on a not-for-profit basis and surpluses are reinvested or disbursed to charitable organisations supporting LGBT people in and around Manchester. You can join us on facebook (it’s hidden so will never show up on your wall) and on here for absolutely nothing. We raise funds for essentials such as posters, flyers & website hosting by either having a door charge at some of our events and by accepting donations. The vast majority of our events are free so don’t use that as an excuse not to come along on one of our pub crawls or any other social events, we will make it obvious if there is going to be door charge in advance. Raising money for charity is a primary aim and that is where the surplus money goes – we are proud to support some of the charities that in turn support our community.

There are a few ways as members you can help with our running costs-

  • If you own a printing business then we are always in need of flyers, posters & banners.
  • If you own / work for / have influence over a company that makes things we would have an interest in then we are always in need of items for our charity prize draws. Money raised from Prize draws goes to charity.