MRM8 Charity TOTAL

I’m so delighted to announce that you guys have absolutely smashed last year’s total of £5228 by over a grand and a half!
Wether you added donations when you bought your #MRM8 tickets, played Sister Bingo with BangBang, bought Nigel’s Calendar, bid on and amazing bit of art at #ArtsBandit, gave on the doors at Darkcell, had one of Bruce’s shots at Geartunes, gave a generous private donation or played the raffle and got polished by Oli and P.C. Stuart at Slick then THANK YOU! All those little bits together have all added up to a slightly freudian £6969!
Of course all the companies that gave prizes for the bingo and raffle need a special thank you too!
Not bad at all considering that’s just 600 of us at a smallish event!
Like I said when you were all too drunk and emotional at Slick (I was totally fine I swear) we’re fortunate to have a great community in a wonderful gay village in a part of the world where we are so lucky to be able to live mostly safely and freely as whoever we want to be while guys elsewhere are being locked up, so being able to pay that forward to help others is just a small way to show our gratitude and never take what we have for granted!
So thank you all again so much for playing your part and getting off your ass to do something proactive for your community, you all rock!