Manchester Pride 2013!

It’s that time again boys! The UK’s biggest and best gay pride is upon us and with Manchester being such a melting pot of queer life, there’s no better time to have your rubber on out in public; expect to see it all!
We’ve got two fetish nights we’ll be supporting, Alert on the Friday and Manfest on the Sunday. Both are at Alter Ego but they always draw slightly different crowds and will both be busy! Check out their links for more info on tickets.
During the parade we’ll be joining forces with the Manchester Leathermen and BLUF Northwest as “The Northwest Fetishmen”. The theme is “Acceptable in the 80’s” so if you can get your outfit looking like something from a Tom of Finland drawing then great! If you’d like to be involved email Steve or check out the event page.

As usual, plenty of us will be out and about in the day at our usual haunts, The Eagle, The Rem, Company Bar and a new favourite, Oscars showtunes bar (because we can’t be serious and kinky all the time!) so if you’re visiting, come and find us or keep an eye on the Manchester Rubbermen Facebook Group and we’ll be posting as and when bar socials might spring up over the weekend!
Have an amazing pride boys and as ever, keep it sleazy, keep it safe!