Out with the Lads!

Hey boys, sorry this page has been a little empty of late, I’ve had a crazy year with my Mr International Rubber duties. So on the facebook wall we mentioned doing a Liverpool night to go say hey to our neighbours in all our rubbery glory. So Ian has asked us to come over for Liverpool Pride for a rubber special at the Curzon, Liverpool’s famous men’s bar. The Curzon’s regular night is joining with OUT who held the fetish boat at pride last year to bring us Liverpool prides fetish party. Loads of us have never been on a gay night out in Liverpool so what’s a better opportunity!? If you’re interested in coming along just go for it and drop me a recon message or send an email. so we can sort getting there or if you need or figure out getting back or staying somewhere, we’ll sort it. Ir if you’re in Liverpool and can help out let me know too! Let’s see how many of us we can get out last minute for some fun! Hope to see you there to support our neighbours!