October Bar Crawl

Time for another social boys! A few people have asked and so they have received a good old no hassle bar crawl! We’ve got set times for each venue this time so if you know you can’t be out for 9pm you can know where we’ll be rubberising next!
As ever you get discounted entry into Alert at the end of the night so make sure you find who’s in charge of the stamp and get one (so long as you’re in rubber of course). Spread the word and if you want a recon safe (no webaddress) version of the poster to stick on your profile give Si a shout. It’s been a while since we’ve had a big social so lets really spread the word and get a big crowd!!!

It’ll also be your chance to wish the boys traveling to Chicago for MIR (Mister International Rubber) good luck! So come and show your support and hope MR Rubber UK comes back proving Manchester has a fetish scene worth the title!