Next Social?

Hi guys
First of all let me apologise for the lack of communication this year so far, since Christmas I have had a series of unfortunate events that left certain duties right at the bottom of my priority list. But I’ve had contact with several you and I need to say a big thank you to Miles and Mike (and any others that helped) that really did most of the work spreading the last birthday social around! Even with the title of MR Rubber UK this year it’s been a shame I had plans for seeing the rubbermen grow and change and to get to as many events out of manchester as I could but as you know life get’s in the way. But things are all settling out now and looking up so I want to get back on the ball.

So firstly I really do want to ask 2 or 3 of you to step up and help the Manchester Rubbermen. It doesn’t even matter if you’re local, anyone that calls them self part of the group can help. Just more heads to bounce ideas off for events, people that can learn this very simple site and turn it more into a kinky blog etc just to really get things going full steam and as a result we’ll see better events, more people and see the fetish scene in manchester grow!

Also for everyone, what are people’s schedules like over the summer? When do we fancy doing the next social? Also do we think we should do anything for pride? I think we should certainly, but what is the question.
Thanks again to those that have helped me through the toughest start of a year I’ve had, onwards and upwards!
RubbaBoy x