October Meet & April Photos!

Hello again gents! So Si is back from America in a few days so the ball is already rolling for the next event! We do apologise for the lack of Rubbermen over the summer, a few people volunteered to organise something but you know how the summer is and with pride, time escapes us. Hope you all rubbered up over pride and got to manfest or alert! The few photos from april are up so feel free to use them just don’t edit them and give credit where you use them! But we’re really here to discuss what the plan is for october, with it being half way through sept lets just skip to oct and plan something great. With the Eagle now in full swing and the Rem rebranding and going men only again there’s plenty of scope of things to do, do we wanna stick with a bar before alert, go more down the birthday route when we had demos and our own little separate space or something completely new?! Go on boys, discuss….