April Meet

Spring is upon us and with the season of new life comes some brand new life to the northern fetish scene! That’s right, after months of whispers and anticipation THE EAGLE is finally opening it’s doors in a few weeks! The boys at The Eagle have had a bumpy ride opening this place and building it FROM SCRATCH so we say it’s time to rubber up and congratulate them on all their hard work! We’ll be there from 8:30 on FRIDAY 23rd til about 12ish when we head off to Alert!

I know it’s only two weeks away but we’ve been waiting to see if dates were final so get spreading the word fast on your Recon/GearFetish/FitLads/Eurowoof profiles etc


If you’re on facebook join on the event page to find out who’s going and invite mates!!!

P.S. On a side note, this will be Si’s last social/alert before he heads off to the states to work with the kids again so we’re looking for some people that could commit to organising a few things over the summer even if just a bar crawl or throwing a party over pride weekend just to keep things flowing! Message Si on Recon if so (Rubbaboy)