MRmen’s 1st Birthday!!


So a year has been and gone since our first ever social, and that’s cause for a toast we think! The original plan was to tie in with the opening of the new Eagle bar on a saturday but due to holdups in the building they won’t be open this month, but we wish them all the best with that.

So we’re going to bring back some kink to an old favourite on the fetish scene, The Rembrant. Many say it’s all hen parties now so we’ve booked upstairs for JUST us guys so add a bit more life back to the place! We’ll have our own fit barman in rubber of course, Music from DJ Freerunner (one of our fellow rubbermen) and with live demo’s of the vackcube and sleepsack even the shy of you will have something to do! There’s no door charge at all so you’re not having to choose alert or us. In fact, just for turning up you get a stamp that’ll give you discounted entry to alert so make sure you make the effort (only the rubber guys that show up will get this, no-one at outpost in rubber will get it). You can change here so no need to walk through town in rubber if that’s not your style!

As ever this is a club social, a great way to meet new kinky mates and a perfect intro if you’ve never been to alert before as you’ll have made plenty of new mates by the time you leave (you can save the cruising for alert if you like). Here’s hoping it’s a great success and we hit our record number! I think this month more than ever it’s really important we tell our mates and spread the word, as with the previous bar crawls any number works but since we’ve booked out a whole bar, it’s be great to have a full, fun atmosphere, so do your bit! You can click on the poster to get the full version if you want to send the link to anyone or save it and post it on your other profiles!

Can’t wait! See you there!