T-Shirts now up for grabs!


That’s right we have now opened a “street shop” website where you can grab a range of Manchester Rubbermen and Rubber Pride Shirts. Street shop is a site that lets you open a shop free of charge so the commission is minimal and any funds will go the club as we want to see it expand in all aspects and have more to give back to the community! So have a look and see what you think! Check the link on the side bar or click here!

Right now it’s just the logo edited for t-shirts but we can add some fun rubber pride or gimmicky ones up there too so we can sell to guys not just from Manchester but any kinky guys anywhere! So if you have any ideas and want to get involved in raising some cash for the club on the shop front so we can print banners and maybe sort our own venue to occasionally host out own one off events or even rent some play things to have at events occasionally, then give a shout!!!