Bye Si!

So guys the time has come for me to say goodbye for now I’m hopping across the pond for the summer to work with kids (no rude jokes now) but that means the rubbermen is out of my hands for a while sadly but I’ve left it in the capable hands of Steve (Pigsteve) and Drew (Leatherboy265) so get onto them if you don’t see anything pop up on the site! Sorry the may thing never happened we didn’t have much response and have been busy sorting america things and saying goodbye so time totally escaped me!  But that doesn’t mean that’s it, it up to you guys as the members of the club and community to keep things going, we’ve had some great socials so far and due to the amount of great new mates I’ve mate I’ve seen that you’d all be excellent at keeping the spirit alive! Heck, anyone can start a post and get an idea rolling for a social if you want! Remember to check out the website and sign up if you haven’t yet!

So I wish you all a fond farewell and see you in September boys!

Stay rubbered!