May Gathering!

Slightly delayed response I know but thanks to everyone that came to the March social we had a great night rubberizing Churchill’s and heading on a mim pub crawl ending up at Alert! We doubled our numbers from last time and had over 32 guys which was amazing, keep spreading the invites and getting mates along. Was a great friendly atmosphere and awesome to see everyone mingling, laughing and meeting new guys and even a few of you braved coming out in gear for the first time!!!

Well since there are a bunch of guys that can’t ever do alert nights we said it would only be fair to have our next gathering on a non-alert night so we’re looking at doing something the weekend of the 8th-9th May. So options for this could be a house party if anyone would want to volunteer a flat in the city centre? Another option is similar to usual have a bar crawl and end up in a vanilla club and Rubberize Cruz101 or Essential or something would be great to see the reactions! Or if we want to do something on the sat night Defcon is on. Friday night would be great then those that want to do defcon on that sat can make a weekend of it!

It’s also going to be a slight leaving do for Si (Rubbaboy) as he’s off to the states for at least 3 1/2 months and possibly up to 7 months so come and say bye and also it means we’re looking for some people to be admins for this site and keep posts regular and organize something every two months and some guys were thinking about something for pride so if any of them interest you please speak to Si! It’ll also be Si’s last Alert for a long time on April 24th so get along to that too!

Don’t forget to have your say on which night and what you’d like to do!

Cheers guys, keep it tight and slippery!