600 members already!

Someone call the police ’cause this party is getting out of hand! 600 members and counting is there any stopping the rubber revolution?
If you’re not part of our facebook group, why not join us, there’s far more social activity and regular impromptu socials and drinks happening and it’s a closed group to protect your privacy so nothing will show up on your friend’s feeds.

400 and counting!

Hey guys, I’m very pleased to announce that the MRM have now reached 400 members! Lets see how quick we can get it to 500.

We’ve had an amazing summer and pride was AWESOME so a big thanks to you all for your support and contributions as we grow stronger in our rubbery community.

plans for a big social weekend around 22-24 november are underway so get it in your diaries, as well as Alert coming up at the end of the month, so plenty of opportunity for us to all get our gear on!