We don’t hide the fact that we’re a bit different up here in Manchester.  We’ve not been able to put on huge dance parties like in London, and we don’t have the darkrooms like Berlin does.  MRM is hugely social event – and that’s always been our main focus. We’ve always tried to build on that idea of community that Si Hands started it all off with.  MRM is a chance to meet old friends you know from events around the world, or get to meet the guy you’ve been chatting to on recon for years but never actually hooked up with.  It’s a chance to take some first steps into the fetish world. It’s a chance to dance, snog, get sweaty, and absolutely have some hot play, but most of all it’s about having a fun weekend with friends – it’s been likened to giant house party full of hot rubber guys!  We definitely try not to take ourselves too seriously here.

Once again we’ve got a jam-packed schedule of over 26 different things going on over the weekend.  We’ve got six parties over four nights – from Stretch at the Eagle on Thursday; an immense fetish party on the Saturday put on by our local legendary fetish club Alert! who are holding a party for 1000 sweaty rubbermen; and on Sunday, keeping with tradition, we’ll have our birthday party Slick (cake will absolutely be provided!).  We’re also really stoked that the recon boys are coming up north to Manchester to throw a horny recon party on the Friday night. We’ve also got loads of day time events to keep you occupied and out of mischief – from a Fetish Market, to social drinks, rubbery show tunes (actually a highlight for a lot of people), art auction, brunches, city walking tours, sneaker meets, and drag acts, and more.


For our tenth birthday party we wanted to get as many Rubbermen to Manchester as possible and we’ve put together SIX parties for you over four nights – Stretch, Darkcell, Recon, Deviant, Alert! X, and Slick.  Your ticket gets you entry to those parties, and helps us put on the other 20+ events that we have over the weekend. Your wristband also gets you discounted entry to MancsBound on Friday evening, as well as discounts at a variety of restaurants in the Village.  That’s just £30 for a whole weekend of rubber fun!!


In order to get into the parties you’ll need to be wearing one of our MRMX wristbands.  When you arrive at MRMX you’ll need to come and see one of the Crew who will be at all the events (especially on the Thursday & Friday) and show them the ticket that we emailed to you – you can either have it on your phone or print it.  They’ll scan your ticket and give you a wristband – you’ll need to keep this on all weekend as it’s how you get into the parties every night and get the various discounts.


This year we have yellow and red wristbands.  You can choose whichever colour you want and the colour is entirely optional, but they do have a different meaning (not just piss and fisting!).  

The yellow wristbands are the ‘Newbie’ band – this is if you’re new to an MRM event, or a fetish event, or are feeling a bit shy.  It’s a signal for other people to know that you’re new and to bring you into conversations and for newbies to find other people who are in the same boat as them and make new friends.  We don’t want people standing on their own feeling lonely – if you see someone looking lost then make an effort to include them. The yellow wristbands are also a signal for our Crew to look out for people and make sure they’re doing ok.  We’re also going to hold a newbie drinks event on Friday in Oscars so if it’s your first event you get to meet people who are as excited/nervous as you are.

The red wristbands are for people who have been to a fair few of these events and are old-timers (like us Core Team).


There’re so many of you guys coming this year that on Friday we’ve put on three different parties as the Village doesn’t have a venue big enough for all of us in one go.  Your wristband guarantees you entry to the parties, but entry will only be possible to each one if there is enough capacity. What that means is that if there is a queue to get into one of them, you might have to go to one of the others for a little while and wait for some people to move on.  If you have a wristband you can come and go between each one all night – so if you’ve gone to the recon party for some fun, you can then go and dance at Darkcell or Deviant (and vice versa) and that will free up some space for someone else to come in. Of course if you’re REALLY keen to get into a specific party you might just have to get there early and make sure you’re the first in the line.  


Just like with the Friday parties there just isn’t a bar big enough to get everyone into!  What we intend is that we use several of the bars in the Village and fill them up with Rubbermen.  We’ve always used Rem bar for welcome drinks and this year Rem will be our central point. But we’ll also be using Eagle, Oscars, On Bar and others so grab your friends and go for a wander and see who you bump into.  If the weather gods are nice to us I’m sure a load of people will be hanging around on Canal Street.


If you’ve been before you’ll know that MRM is primarily a social event because we just don’t have the huge darkrooms that places like London and Berlin have.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t places to play over the weekend. Wherever possible, the venues and club nights that we use will try to provide places where you can have some fun but that’s very much up to the venues themselves and is outside our control.  There’s always your home or hotel room to take your hot pull back to and we also have a sauna in Manchester – Basement Sauna which is about 5 mins walk from the Village.


Most of the daytime events are very relaxed and you can wear rubber, leather or whatever (even cotton!) with no worries – rubber is of course extremely recommended.  But the evening parties have their own strict dress codes which are featured on our website at Stretch on the Thursday night and Slick on the Sunday night are the only parties with a strict RUBBER ONLY dress code.  Alert! X will run on their normal fetish dress code which can be found at The other parties have a general fetish dress code, with a focus on rubber and leather.

If you’re doing the City Walking Tour it’s probably best to cover up and keep an eye on the weather forecast as you’ll be outside for about 2 ½ hours.  Sign up to the walking tour at


All the parties do have cloakrooms, however some of these (particularly on the Friday) are quite small so we’d ask you to only bring essential items and ideally no bags.  If you’re staying close to the Village then consider leaving bags in your hotel room. The cloakroom for Alert! X will be much bigger and they won’t have any issues.

If you’re going between the different Friday parties don’t forget which cloakroom you used and be aware that the events may close at different times.  


Mr Rubber UK is organised by a separate group to MRM – we were just incredibly happy to be able to host them for their first contest.  The idea is that the contest moves around the UK and this year I’m happy to say that it will be held at Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London on Saturday 13th July from 4-6pm.  Slap bang in the middle of London Fetish Week so you’ve got no excuse not to go.


We knew that MRMX would be a huge party and we really wanted a night when we could all come and party together in one huge space.  We didn’t think it was going to be possible but the amazing boys at Alert! went out and found a huge club venue we could easily get everyone into and they’re going to throw a huge fetish night.  

The venue is called Academy 1 and is at Manchester University.  It’s about a 20 minute walk from the Village, or just 5 minutes in a taxi/Uber, and the Alert! guys will also be putting on a shuttle bus to get you to and from the venue (pick up just outside Churchills, Chorlton Street, M1 3HN – £1 each way, from 21:30-23:00 and return from 03:30).  We think that taking a short journey outside the Village is more than worth the chance to get everyone in one place together.


Yes, most of the events will a have a photographer – most of them are going to be covered by Kelvin for us but a few have their own organised.  If you want a photo go up and see them. If you don’t then just make them aware at the time and they’ll move on. We’ll aim to get the photos up within a day or two of the events – if you don’t want to be in photos and you get snapped accidentally then just message us and we’ll get it deleted.  


If you’re lost, got questions, or just need a friendly face to point you in the right direction just look for members of our Crew who will be at many of the events the events.  You’ll be able to spot them as they’ll be wearing their Crew badges.

If any one has any access issue then please contact our lovely Andy Higgins, who will also be signing BSL at several of our events.  


Every year we are blown away by the generosity of everyone who comes to MRM as we raise money for that year’s chosen charity.  Over the past three years we have raised well over £20,000 for various charities and good causes.

This year we’ve decided to support the Albert Kennedy Trust which is a charity which provides safe homes and support to young LGBTQ people who are homeless or living in a hostile environment because of their sexuality. They work to ensure that no young person has to choose between having a safe home and being who they are.  In 2017 AKT provided over 6000 night of safe accommodation for at-risk young people and 88% of young people contacting AKT were placed into safe homes. Of those youngsters, 42% were living with a physical or mental health issue.

All of the funds we raise will go direct to AKT – that includes from the Sister’s Bingo, Arts Bandit Art Auction, the raffle, Second Hands gear sale, and the money collected with ticket sales and during the events.  We hope you will be amazingly generous for such an important cause.


We will have our auction site up and running again this year which will have all the artworks available to bid for.  This year we’re incredibly pleased to have art donated by artists such as Rick Jones, Joshi Williams, Tilman Schenk and Rubber Boy as well as many other great fetishy artists.  All the money raised from the auction will go to the Albert Kennedy Trust. The auction site is at and will go live on Thursday 11th.


The only things that you will need to book in advance (because there are limited spaces) are the City Walking Tours and the Sunday Brunch.  We’ll be releasing booking forms for these nearer the Weekend.


We’ll be holding our Fetish Market on Saturday where you can grab some amazing rubber gear, harnesses, toys, lubes, and so on – we’ll have retailers such as Latex 101, Strong Pup and Clone Zone.  If you need something outside of Saturday daytime then Clone Zone in the heart of the Gay Village stocks loads of essentials.

We’ll also have the Second Hands Gear Sale – if you have gear you don’t use any more or you just want to get rid of then come and sell it at the Gear Sale.  You’ll just need to enter details of the gear on our form at You’ll have the choice of either having the proceeds returned to you via Paypal (less a 15% fee), or you can choose to donate all the proceeds to our MRMX charity – the Albert Kennedy Trust.  We’d ask that the items are in good saleable condition and you can drop them off at the Fetish Market between 11:00 and 13:00 on the Saturday.


There are several great food venues in the Village itself – from Richmond Tearooms, to No. 1 Canal Street, to Jasmine and Mr White’s.  But with a 5-10 minute walk there are dozens of great restaurants just outside the Village – we recommend Chinatown and the Northern Quarter as good areas to try.

Some of the Village venues have also offered discounts for MRMX wristband holders!

We also have our rubber brunch at Leaf on Portland Street at 11am on Sunday 14th. Sign up here –


MRM8 Charity TOTAL

I’m so delighted to announce that you guys have absolutely smashed last year’s total of £5228 by over a grand and a half!
Wether you added donations when you bought your #MRM8 tickets, played Sister Bingo with BangBang, bought Nigel’s Calendar, bid on and amazing bit of art at #ArtsBandit, gave on the doors at Darkcell, had one of Bruce’s shots at Geartunes, gave a generous private donation or played the raffle and got polished by Oli and P.C. Stuart at Slick then THANK YOU! All those little bits together have all added up to a slightly freudian £6969!
Of course all the companies that gave prizes for the bingo and raffle need a special thank you too!
Not bad at all considering that’s just 600 of us at a smallish event!
Like I said when you were all too drunk and emotional at Slick (I was totally fine I swear) we’re fortunate to have a great community in a wonderful gay village in a part of the world where we are so lucky to be able to live mostly safely and freely as whoever we want to be while guys elsewhere are being locked up, so being able to pay that forward to help others is just a small way to show our gratitude and never take what we have for granted!
So thank you all again so much for playing your part and getting off your ass to do something proactive for your community, you all rock!

No ticket? No problem!

Tickets for Manchester Rubber Weekend 8 are SOLD OUT!

Sadly the waiting list is already full aswell but read below, even if you don’t have a ticket there is so much on it’s not a problem.
You’ll be given an email which you can print or bring on your phone which will be scanned and exchanged for your wristband.

Weekend tickets get you access to the Friday Darkcell / Saturday Alert / Sunday Slick so even though we are sold out there will still be plenty going on and with cruise bars in the village there will be plenty of rubber boys around so come along anyway and join in all the other events. Head to the #MRM8 page to see all the info you need!

While we cannot guarantee entry to the three main parties without a weekend ticket, there’s still a chance you might just get in to Alert, Darkcell & Slick.

ALERT & DARKCELL: Weekend wristbands will guarantee entry before 1AM, after that time, as some people like an early night, we will operate a one out-one in policy as space becomes available so you may well still get into alert, but may have a wait.

SLICK: Many people buy a weekend ticket for ease but have to head home on Sunday so there is usually always space, so while we cannot guarantee, you’re welcome to come and along and see.

Rubbermen Spring Bar Crawl

It seems we’ve only just had the last bar crawl with an insane 100ish guys coming out to rubberise the village and support Alert but already people are howling for blood! (By blood we mean more bar crawls!)

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Friday bar crawl but as certain people are bound by certain work days we thought we’d throw a friday in for once!
And since it was so awesome to end up at Alert last time we’re going to support another local fetish night DEVIANT at the Eagle.
The more fetish nights the more the fetish scene grows here!

So no worries if you can’t be out for the start if you’re travelling or finishing work, you know where we’ll all be ending up for a pervy night after all the social fun and mingling!

Our bar crawls are a great relaxed chance to socialise and bring new folk along that might not have the full dress code for club nights, for those that are just interested and especially those that want to get involved and meet folk to go to events with in the future or just come out for the first time!

We’ll be meeting from 8 in Rem, then where ever we feel like it after around 9, and a bar crawl wouldn’t be complete without the possibility of popping into a vanilla bar to spread the rubber love before Eagle and Deviant! On the night we’ll update the facebook event, the group and twitter to keep you posted of our movements. If you’re out late or lose us we’ll see you at Eagle basically!

There’s no strict dress code but of course the majority of us will be in rubber so make the effort if you can; if you’re shy why not just wear some under your clothes and see how you feel after a few drinks?

If you’re new, don’t be shy, bite the bullet and say “Hi I’m (insert name)” it’s that easy. The regulars will be looking out for new faces, the bar crawls are all about meeting new mates and having a pervy, inclusive laugh. The core team are always there and will hopefully find all the new faces but give us a hand and say hey, don’t be hiding in the shadows or we might not spot you. If you’re a first timer drop Sly a message or look out for any of the core team so we can keep our eyes peeled and make sure you’ve been introduced to a few faces!
Can’t wait to see you all, if you’re bringing a bag or coat throw an extra top in there, you never know who might want to try something on and join us on the dark side 😉

MRM8 Crew

Yes boys it’s that time of year when we come grovelling and see who’s up for the challenge of helping Manchester Rubber Weekend come to life! For several years now we’ve had an awesome CREW that help us facilitate the weekend and we couldn’t do it without them! And #MRM8 will be no different!

We need people who can welcome others and smile and have fun and are happy to muck in with moving things or throwing people in a vac cube or shaking charity buckets and generally being awesome!
Last year was the most organised yet with an easy time table and with such a strong group it meant people got plenty of the weekend to have fun as well as be proactive and give to the community!

If you’re interested in being part of the crew you NEED to fill in this form as we’ll be using that to know how best to use people and when you’re around etc.

Click here to find the form!

Thanks so much in advance, you’re the heroes of Rubbermen!

Manchester Pride 2016!

Pride is upon us yet again and as ever we’ll be rubberising the village!

Here’s all things pervy going on this pride for you rubber pigs, leather daddys, sports jocks, skin lads, human pups and hairy bears!
Of note for the rubber men is:
The Rubbemen Parade March
Pride Rubber Social
Gagged and Dragged


Friday see’s Alert return to Alter Ego after the unfortunate closure of the last venue so be sure to come along and support Adrian and the team. Click the picture for more info!

Saturday we’ll be marching proud in the pride parade again! If you want to read more and sign up to march, click the picture above!

Saturday evening we’ll be getting together at 7pm in the Company Tent til 10 maybe turning into a bar crawl? Click the picture for more info

Sunday we have a special little one-off for you wether you’re a kinkster or a dragster…
The formidable Cheddar Gorgeous and our own Sly are hosting Gagged and Dragged at Bandit, Mugger & Thief, if you’ve been to Glitter Pig, Second Skin or Cha Cha you’ll fit right in!
Wether you feel better in a harness or heels, leather or feathers this is for all the freaks and alternative kids. Do you get funny looks when you walk down the street? Then this is where you belong on the Sunday of Pride! Click the picture for the event page!

Manchester Rubber Weekend 8

We’re proud to release the #MRM8 poster for next April!
One of us. One of us. One of us.

Thought we’d try something different and darker to the usual poster and have a rubber newbie being pulled in by the blackness; grabbed and hugged by the shiny black rubber hands (how many can you spot?), being converted to chants of “one of us” a quote from the 1932 film Freaks where all the outcasts ceremoniously welcome a new girl into their freakshow community of all shapes and sizes that defy the norm. It’s become a bit of a running joke in the Rubbermen when someone gets into rubber for the first time. Slightly creepy we know, but they don’t complain once they’re converted to the dark side 😉

You’ve got plenty of notice to get booking hotels and flights, event tickets will come closer to the time, but if you’ve not been before have a look at the #MRM7 tab on the top bar to have a look through what we got up to while we get everything planned! We’re a more social event than a play event but rest assured there’s plenty of hot boys and fun to be had, we’ve become known as a bit of a rubber reunion for many of the rubber community clubs around the world with over 600 rubber guys from 20 countries last year!

If you’re booking accommodation, look up anywhere near Manchester’s Gay Village on Canal Street (post code M1 6HP), there’s a wide range of prices and styles just few minutes walk from all our events.
For travel Manchester Airport has a very quick train that takes you to Manchester Piccadilly train station, just a minutes walk from Canal Street.

Click the poster to be taken to the facebook event to get connected and don’t forget to get inviting, sharing, and RSVPing!