MRM7 Charity Total!


Hey boys! Hopefully now all the post ‪#‎MRM7‬ blues have been replaced with excitement for the bar crawl this weekend. We are so happy to announce how much we raised for #MRM7 over all! A whopping £5221! We met up with the hilarious Joanna from Manchester Mind to give her our comedy sized cheque yesterday and she couldn’t have been more grateful! All going to help people achieve better mental health in the area, it’s been a really important issue for us of late so we’re chuffed!
Wether Ryan and team shoved a bucket in your face or you played bingo with Jacqui and BangBang, whether PC Stewart gave you a frisk and polish or Matthew and the boys gave your their number at Slick. Whether you bid on any of the ‪#‎ArtsBandit‬ art work curated by Rick or downed one of one of Bruce’s shots at Geartunes you all played your part in smashing last years total! There’s too many thank yous to say them all by name but all of the crew that volunteered and made the weekend run without a hitch, the businesses that hosted events, gave prizes or added to the booklet, people that made donations online or privately, artists that added to the auction and just yourselves! We’ve always been a non-profit community group and we’re so happy when everyone wants to help out and take ownership of their scene, whether local or in one of our brother clubs as that’s how we’re all setting the tone of what we all want this pervy bunch to be! I mean anyone can get a hook up off an app or in darkroom (which there was plenty of mind), but when it becomes a bit of a reunion or people go away with new mates or wanting to start something up where they are then that’s when we can say we achieved what we set out to do! Thanks again boys here’s to ‪#‎MRM8‬!


Updated logo!


Well it’s been a long time coming but we’re very happy to show you guys the revised MRM logo with the famous loveable Manchester Bee just in time for #MRM7!
We’ve been wanting to tweak it for a while now but since we needed banners and shirts and passes and such things printed for the event, now was the time to get on with it so we can future proof ourselves. WHY bother you ask? Well, when we made the logo back at the start we took the Lancashire rose from the original Manchester crest along with the red backdrop and yellow stripes (that symbolise the three rivers through Manchester). But not long after, we realised, the more you grow to love the city the more you spot the Manchester Bee everywhere, and while the Lancashire rose is the county Manchester was built on, the link ends there, Greater Manchester is it’s own area now so the rose grew to mean less over time.
The worker bee however (also on the original crest) has always been a beloved symbol and in the last few years it’s really taken over, you’ll see it on bins, bollards, mosaics, clocks, drinks, the town hall, signs and many shops. It was the victorian symbol of industry which of course is Manchester’s biggest claim to fame, being the birth place of the worldwide industrial revolution and as many would argue the modern world. It’s an ancient symbol of cooperation as bees only thrive as a community, they’re productive, they all play an equal part, they defend each other, and with the climate as it is and bees becoming at risk yet such a vital part of the ecosystem it’s no wonder Mancunians have all rallied around their favourite of the cities symbols. So here it is! The core team had quite the vote on it, there were some versions with cotton flowers too (another of the cities symbols) but they didn’t make the cut so we’ve all landed on this version and we all love the bee, well, all except one of us who hates bees and thought they looked like flies but he’s been thrown in a sleepsack in the cupboard til he comes round. We hope you like, you’ll be seeing it round over the weekend and if you’re a visitor keep your eyes peeled, once you’re aware of it you see them all over the place! Be a bee!

Proud to Support Manchester Mind

Manchester Mind

In case you haven’t seen, this year at #‎MRM7‬ we’re raising money for Manchester Mind. They’re an awesome local charity, running a huge range of services and support, promoting good mental health.

With just three weeks to go to the big weekend we’re all looking forward to digging deep to raise money for this very worthy cause.

For those of you who can’t make #MRM7 you can still donate online at In the UK you can also ‘send a tenner’ by texting “RBBR77 £10” to 70070

Winter Bar Crawl


What a way to start off 2016! We had an amazing turn out for our winter bar crawl on Saturday with at least 75 guys showing up to hit The Rem, NY NY, Oscars, Eagle and ending up at Cruz101 and Aftershock to throw some shapes!
Was great to have some of our brothers from the London Rubbermen, SouthWest Rubbermen, Birmingham Fetishmen & Swiss Rubbermen groups and friends from as far as Oslo and Edinburgh to join us for drinks, we’ll take that as quite the compliment!
If a quiet January weekend was that much fun, we can only imagine what the turn out for #MRM7 will be like!


As you are doubtless aware some **** nicked Sly’s camera and phone at the Hallowe’en bar crawl.
A number of people on the night said that if we had a whip-round, they would support it, so that we can take some of the weight off him buying a replacement body and lens.
So, unbeknownst to Sly we set up a secret little group and a just giving page and amazingly we reached our original target in less than 24 hours! As it was open for a month, people kept wanting to help and within the month not only did we replace the camera and lens, but upgraded him to a new model and better lens, got him a second lens for the new camera (as his old ones wouldn’t fit), replaced the flash that was stolen, got a memory card, new bag and all importantly a year’s insurance (his insurance didn’t cover theft in public unless he was mugged). So in the end every thing that was stolen ended up being better than ever and what was quite a harrowing few days for our Sly had him in tears for about a week!

We had a meeting for MRM7 and told him we needed a team photo… it was only when he realised that the camera was filming and not flashing that he had any clue as to any of this, it’s such a testament to the community he have that everyone pulled together in such a fashion.
Just watch his slightly bewildered reaction:

Si-Prise! from Rob Hardman on Vimeo.


A while later we added him to the secret group to let him see all the lovely thing you’d said about him and this was his response:

12244308_10156232164055174_2649122906101051790_o“Oh my word you guys. I’ve just been added to the group and seen the comments! What a beautiful surprise and no one let it slip at all!!
I’m a wreck all over again! I can’t show you my eyes as they’re red and puffy, the sneaky video catches me in shock and speechless but thank God the camera missed the weeping afterwards! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?!
I’m so gobsmacked and still a mess today haha.
I can’t thank you enough for this act of kindness (literally just started crying again). I tried to not get too angry or upset when the bag was stolen, I thought, “it’s just an object, I’m safe and I hope whoever stole it was in desperate need” but just seeing the response from a community pulling together and for the sake of little old me is still making me choke I’m so privileged to call you my friends! It’s easy to say we know we’re all loved but damn have I just been hit by a truck load of love and it actually really hurts hahah.
The camera is better than anything I’ve ever owned and the boys have said any excess that’s still coming in is going towards a flash gun, bag, batteries and lens etc that was also taken so thank you so much! I’ve got a very strong mix of saccharine, awe and happiness in my tummy right now, you’ve literally bowled me over. I’ll get round and say a thank you to you all for your insane generosity and to those that gave an anonymous donation THANK YOU, I don’t even know who you are but I am undone. You’ve ruined me. I hope I can repay the favour to you all some day. As Facebook is posting the cheesy ad videos today the words “I get by with a little help from my friends” couldn’t be more potent today! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

I think we can safely say we got him!

We even made some of the gay news outlets after people hearing of an act of kindness among all the bad news of late, ShoutOut radio did this story on it, and Gaylife magazine printed one too! So thank you for everyone that took part in the surprise!