Event T&C’s

We need to have some rules, these are the general rules that apply to all our events. retail T&C’s are available from the shop site.

Manchester Rubbermen (MRM) is a non-profit community group that exists to encourage more engagement in the rubber fetish scene in Manchester and beyond. We hold regular events, either organised by ourselves or in association with another promoter/Artist/venue.

To promote understanding we have adopted these general T&C’s for attendance at any of our events. It may be necessary to publish T&C’s for individual events which supercede those listed below. These will be made available on our website.

These conditions apply to the venue and surrounding area hosting the various events.

If you require clarification please contact info@manchester-rubber.co.uk

By attending any event you agree to these rules, and to any supplementary conditions published on our website.


Environment & Venues

Many MRM events are held in an adult environment and minors are not permitted. By attending MRM events you are declaring that you are at least 18 years of age.

MRM events are not held in venues with sex licenses.

You understand that MRM events will be fetish based and as such-

  • people will be wearing items of fetish clothing that may be seen by some as offensive
  • be talking about activities of a fetish nature that again may be seen as offensive
  • Images of a sexual or fetish nature may be displayed
  • you may see some nudity



MRM does not discriminate on grounds of gender, race or sexual preference. Our membership consists mainly of gay men and whist marketing will be aimed mainly at this demographic actual restrictions of entry will be published on the website.

The venue management reserve the right to refuse entry or require you to leave the premises without providing a reason or justification. Under such circumstances no entry fee paid will be refunded.

You agree-

  • that you will respect other people and their choices
  • to abide by the dress code as published on the website
  • to be bound by the Photographic Disclaimer, which is displayed prior to entry at every event and is also available on the MRM website
  • to not harass, insult or cause intentional offence to any persons at any MRM Event, whether they are attendees or not
  • to obey the venue’s conditions of entry, follow any directions given to you by venue, event and MRM staff and abide by all appropriate aspects of English law
  • to wear clothing suitable for the venue. Some of our events are in public locations and coverage of clothing should reflect this.



We accept no liability for any loss or damage done to property or clothing whilst at a MRM event. These matters are your responsibility. We endeavour to use venues with adequate cloakroom facilities and recommend using these.

We reserve the right to change the date, location or entry price of any event however will endeavour to give as much notice as possible of any changes to published arrangements.