Upcoming Events

Event dress codes can be found with these links:




For all the other Manchester Rubber Weekend events without a strict dress code feel free to wear what you like, most people will be in full rubber so try and make the effort if you can but of course, with things like the market even if you’re new to all this, come along and buy something, then you can always change. Expect to see people in rubber even at the brunch, Gear tunes, Bingo and generally milling about the village!

What to wear


First thing, have a look at the event listing. We run different types of events in a variety of locations. Our photos on Facebook should give you a good idea of what is appropriate for the event.

  • Pub Crawls, Drinks, Pride – these events are usually ‘In Public’ meaning the general public can see and interact with us. You’ll need to wear something that covers up the bits the police would object to. This especially applies at pride as the parade is through the streets of Manchester with kids about.
  • Pre-club & Club – These are usually in private locations where the only folk seeing you are other MRM / fetish folk. There is more scope to flash more flesh or lumps’n’bumps under rubber. This could easily be the outfit from earlier with your jeans removed.

Once you’ve figured out what you want to wear have a think about the practicalities. You will need somewhere to stash cash, cloakroom tickets, fags, poppers, condom, lube etc. Many guys have wrist wallets, pouches or tuck things into their socks; most rubber retailers will have options.

The clubs will have some sort of changing area and there is usually a helping hand if required.


Cloakroom, Bags & Covering Up


Fetish events always have issues with cloakrooms. This is usually because we all bring bags with our wardrobe changes, boots, jackets etc instead of the jackets clubs are set up for.

If you can:

  • Don’t bring anything you need to check-in to the cloakroom,
  • Only bring a jacket if you’re shy or it’s cold
  • Check your gear into a cloakroom at a bar earlier in the evening & pick up after the club
  • Share a bag with someone you are staying with

If you are at an event in public then you may very well have some fans wanting to touch, squeeze, stroke your gear. Even non kinky folk love rubber! It’s less likely if you’re in a group but do be aware it happens.

You can cover up your rubber for travelling around the village if you like but Manchester is a very gay friendly city and over the Rubber Weekend or Pride if you’re staying at a hotel close many people won’t cover up at all provided you’re not flashing rude bits. Many locals will come right from home in their outfits. If you do want to cover up, get some jeans / trackies that will fit over your footwear and quickly whip them off them at the venue; you don’t want to have to unlace and re-lace boots. Watch out for anything that can scratch the surface of your rubber on the inside of clothes / jackets worn over the top and be wary of spikes or harnesses with pointy metal bits that might damage others gear.

You can also go for something in the casual fetish line like a rubber top with jeans or shorts etc at non dress code events. Have a look at the pictures on the facebook group for ideas.


Safe Sex

Plan to stash anything you might need when you are planning your outfit.

Condoms and lube are available at the club nights and there are ‘safe sex packs’ in most of the bars courtesy of the LGBT Foundation.




Rubber is bloody horny but it’s also a very temperature sensitive material, if the club is hot you’ll be hotter and if you’re outside in the winter it’s like wearing ice.
If you’re prone to sweating which is likely in lots of rubber, do be aware to keep hydrated as some people can get drunk faster in rubber due to hot clubs and not drinking enough water, so what ever you’re up to just be aware you’ll be hotter than usual. In contrast rubber gets cold very fast outside in cold weather so while it may not be an issue at pride or the Rubber Weekend but if you’re joining us for a winter bar crawl and you plan on walking more than ten minutes home we’d definitely suggest wrapping up.