Final tickets now sold.

Hey guys. The 3rd release of weekend tickets for #MRM9 have now gone. However, we know that people’s plans can change and some find themselves not being able to attend MRM weekend after all.

We would always discourage reselling between members as the tickets are named and, for members security, we don’t give them to anyone other than the purchaser (or the person they named on the order as having bought them for). The last thing we’d want is anyone turning up on the weekend expecting to be able to pick up a band they’ve bought from someone privately and we have to decline.

So for that reason, we’ve always offered full refunds to anyone who finds they cant make it. The ticket is then made available again to other members. We used to do this by keeping a waiting list but some felt that wasnt the fairest way. So this year, we’re going to re-release any returned tickets weekly so that everyone has a fair and even opportunity.

So if you didnt get your ticket in releases 1-3, then check at 7pm (GMT) on a Sunday evening and any returned tickets will go back on sale on a first-come-first-served basis then.

If you’ve bought a ticket and your plans have changed and you need a refund, then just message me and we’ll sort it out for you without problem.

There will be some tickets available on the door of the individual events.

Thanks all.