Winter Bar Crawl photos!

My my, well you rubber boys did it again! We knew the Autumn bar crawl was a hit but our Winter Bar Crawl was insane! I’d been finishing up a photoshoot so got there at 8:45 to find Sackville Lounge literally packed! We had around 70 give or take a few with a good bunch of the Manchester Leathermen popping along with us for some solidarity; it was great to have them and mix the crowds up a bit, we even had some friends from Switzerland, Germany and Norway make a special visit!
The atmosphere was buzzing as we always set out to have it as a social event, so many new guys came along that had always been scared to get to an actual fetish event and hopefully everyone got to meet a few new faces each! From Sackville we popped to Rem which only just fit us all in then just to really go crazy we invaded the Thompsons Arms since we were feeling devilish but they loved it we even got one of the very cute barmen rubbered up later in the night. From there, some of us went to Oscars but knowing we’d never all fit in so some had to go right to Eagle where everyone else met up later we were squeezed in nicely. A smaller group ended up in Aftershock and Cruz to dance the night away and damn, what a night it was, thanks so much for all making such a tremendous effort! If you want any of the High Res images pop onto the facebook group!
If this is a sign of things to come then #MRM6 is going to be insanely busy! Get your tickets asap this year to avoid disappointment.