It’s heeeeere!



Well the weekend is finally here! Happy 5th birthday Manchester Rubbermen! So just time to remind you to check out the 5th Birthday Weekend page on here by clicking on the tab to the top right where you’ll find all the details for all the events, including dress code and a handy map!


Don’t forget that any of you that want a cheap grope and polish (all for the sake of charity of course) to make sure you come ready for Martin on Saturday, he’ll be ready to give you a touch up at Slick, and as with the prize draw all proceeds will be going to help communities affected by anti-gay laws. We’re gonna have a weekend of awesome fun, but let’s just take a minute to do something for our brothers and sisters trapped without the freedom to be who they are, let alone the safety to be able to rubber up, express themselves however they feel and have big weekends without fear that we’re afforded here! Even if you don’t want polishing, throw some pennies his way and he’ll just go through the motions anyway!

TaurusAnd as a last minute treat, the lovely staff at Taurus have offered us a little meal deal as we’ll all need filling up over the weekend (easy tiger) so just pop along and show this image on your phone or quote “Rubbermen14” to get a choice of main meals, including a veggie option and a drink for £9.50! If you check out the map on the Birthday Weekend Page above you’ll also see some other suggestions, whether, you want some afternoon tea and cake, italian or even junk food, the village had everything you’ll need! Have an amazing weekend guys, we’ll see you tonight at 9 in the Rem for Welcome Drinks! Be safe, and most importantly say hay to some strangers and have a laugh, let’s show the world why Manchester is known for one of the friendliest scenes!