May Bar Crawl

So boys it’s time for an official hang out again over the bank holiday weekend and we’ll be supporting Manfest!

Since everyone’s off we’re gonna start with a bar crawl a little earlier than usual starting at 8pm at the Rem. We’ll move onto a vanilla bar at 9pm (Maybe rem as there’s some live music) as a few people have requested for the fun of it after the laugh we had last time (if you’ve not done it before everyone seems to love it!). Then for those coming out later we’ll be in the Eagle for around 10 and ending up at Manfest after that! Obviously keep gear appropriate for a bar crawl, chaps and gimp masks might not quite work this time. Remember to RSVP on the event page and join the rubbermen group on facebook.

Wether you want to come for the whole thing or just a bit, it’s a great night to bring someone new! If you’ve never been out before with us, and are still worried about going out in gear or not ready to do a fetish event just come in your cotton and say hi to us at the Rem and you’ll soon see us kinksters are a good friendly bunch!

Who will you be inviting?