The Manchester Alternative & Burlesque Fair

So boys who’s up for something entirely different?

This Saturday is the Manchester Alternative & Burlesque Fair, it’s a mixed pansexual event, with guys & girls, gay, straight, and transgender but I think it would be awesome to get a few of us kinky gays along to have a mooch around and support the fetish scene in general.

On of my favorite male rubber makers Latex101 from bonnie Scotland who make a LOAD of my custom gear will be there, awesome guys and they have a lot of stuff to buy off the rack, I love their stuff so will be going along to say hey, who else is game?

While it’s not a cruisey, play fest, it’s a great chance to meet kinksters from all over!

So come and support the local fetish scene! The more more visibility the kink scene gets the more hot boys we’ll get to ourselves 😉