Mr. International Rubber! Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the congratulations and kind words guys! I’m absolutely beaming to have been chosen as MIR2012 (Mr International Rubber) in Chicago at the start of the month! Really is an honour! The weekend was incredible and ALL of the other contestants were top notch, I had no expectations of winning as it could have been any one of them, all pillars in their own kinky communities and I was so glad to share the stage with them, we all got on like a house on fire! I’ll get round to posting some pictures and maybe even a video or two if you’re lucky online somewhere soon! To condense it for you; Rubber british policeman, wet shower fantasy, big metal chastity, floor buffer & straight jacket, secret play party, hot americans, recon full fetish, alcoholic slusshies and jelly vodka, jlube, Lady Gaga vs German soldiers (don’t ask) and a nice new electro kit to go with my well worn and history filled sash JUST about sums up what I remember of the weekend!

It was because of this event in 2008 that I came back and wanted to start the Manchester Rubbermen, because if you’ve ever been to Chicago you’ll agree that those boys know how to throw a party but more importantly do community together, it’s all just one big kinky family and that’s what makes the scene there grow so fast! Not just lads that go to the same events but are actually there for each other, having impromptu rubber nights, rubber brothers.

But back to me. I jest but no, seriously, thanks guys if it wasn’t for you all calming my nerves the weekend before at the Rubbermen social (great success by the way a good 40 of us out – photos coming soon) I may very well have bailed, people don’t believe me but I always used to be such I quiet, shy lad, it’s only because of the events I’ve been to and other rubber communities I’ve seen all over the place that I realised that it’s all a bit of fun and life’s too short to worry about anything and someone has to get this started here, and that we’ve all gotta be the change we want to see (cheesy I know but I’m idealist so sue me)! I hope this year with the international spot light shining on Manchester that we as a group can go into some new areas, get inviting new guys, dressing up the curious ones and get some new converts welcomed into the fold. I’m proud of this exciting growing kink scene we have in Manchester, one day we’ll be up there with Amsterdam and Berlin as THE places to go for kink in europe!

I’m hoping you’ll all be at HOTFUKS and that we’ll have a few entrants from the rubber boys competing for MR RUBBER UK and taking the sash off my hands. Be sure to come say hi and I can tell you all about Chitown! Thanks again guys and see you very soon! Si x