November Social

After Septembers great success it’s time to start thinking about November’s Social It’s going to be on Alert night again so the 27th of November as we have several international friends flying into town for alert! It’s gonna be a big one and hopefully we’ll get everyone excited for our first birthday in January too (which will also see the birth of a very sexy new fetish bar in the village)! So let’s all rubber up and get off out into town again, I say let’s start somewhere vanilla as per, the crowd seem to love us so let’s keep them happy and drag some more to alert! (bring spare rubber for your favorites ha). Make sure you try and invite a few guys along and lets see this community getting stronger! So let’s start throwing out some ideas, where do we think?For those of you reading this via the email please respond on the forum not by email as it only gets seen by Si and we want everyone to hear your ideas! Don’t forget about the MRmen shop aswell (not for profit) to spread some kinky pride when you’re out and about in the week and sadly have to wear cotton 🙁