Okay so noting everyone’s choice it looks like we’re having a social before Alert again this month, We’ll say 8PM ON FRIDAY THE 27th in CHURCHILLS (in the side bar, not the one opening onto canal street just so we can all find each other) then we’ll move on to Rembrandt at 10 then Outpost for one before Alert between 11.30-12.00. Those of you that didn’t make it last time you’re welcome to ask for Si’s number to get hold of him should you need to and the reason we’re starting in a non kinky bar is to spread a bit of rubber love, was a great response last time people wanting a feel and asking us about it and also since we know exactly who’s out for the rubbermen social since you don’t get guys in rubber in Churchill’s normally! Even if it’s just a rubber tshirt it’s all good fun and there’s strength in numbers! Be brave, no-one will flinch as much as you do!

Spread the word and bring at least one mate, and you can decorate your Profile for the occasion if you like you can upload the logo and change your status to “MANC RUBBERMEN SOCIAL 27TH MAR @ 8pm in CHURCHILLS” If you so wish!

A few other things to note:

  • We’ll deffo be mixing up the next social for those of you that can’t make alert nights. Quite a few people wanted the house party or clubbing not on an alert night so we’ll aim to get them sorted! any one got a venue fit for a chilled houseparty?
  • Anyone that voted for The Vault on FRI 20th in PRESTON for Kruze need not be dismayed since plenty of guys are going so drop an email if you’re going on your bill, some guys have said they’re happy for me to point you in their direction so you can go in the company of fellow Rubbermen already going.
  • Fellow member Gavin (BACKROOMRUBBER on recon) is holding a dresscode only housewarming on the 28th from 4pm-10pm then into town so message him for details on that too!

So lots to be doing and so glad everyone’s spreading the community vibe, those of you that know Drew (Leatherboy265) have probably heard all his vanilla and straight mates held him a surprise fetish party for his birthday so was great fun to see recon folk and non-kinksters all mixing having a laugh and ALL in gear, surreal but had an awesome time and it really did spread a lot of love for the rubber that night! A few new converts will be coming along to alert and most definitely rubberized!

See you all soon, hopefully in something tight black and vulcanized ;