Second Social!


Evening all, so we said we’d do a second social after two months and that time is fast approaching! We’ve had loads more people join the list through word of mouth and people sporting the logo on recon so thanks for keeping the interest growing! There’s been a mixed response on what people would like to do for our second night. The first night was a great success but at the same time a little confusing holding it on an alert night as we weren’t sure who was joining us later and who was just out at alert in rubber! So there have been a few suggestions including:

  1. Do a similar thing to last time basically a bit of a bar crawl in rubber (don’t be shy there’s strength in numbers) ending with maybe Cruz101 or Legends on a non alert night.
  2. A house party. Would be a very informal way to all get to know each other, only thing is then is a venue nearish the city centre with space.
  3. The Vault has opened in bolton now and Kruze; their rubber leather night is on the 20th. They’re running a bus service from the village at 10 which leaves the vault at 3 am!
  4. Same as last time, pub crawl earlyish ending up at alert.

To be honest I’d like to see them all happen at some point to keep it mixed and such as if we only ever stick to alert night we’ll loose some people that can’t make fridays or alert as I know there are a few at least or even the guys involved in running alert can’t join us then either.

So please respond ASAP so we can gether an idea of what people want to do at the end of this month and say which night’s best for you. To gave us enough time to plan and spread by word of mouth we’ll say 2 or 3 weeks away so fri-20th, sat-21st, fri-27th(altho that would mean an alert social again as we dont wanna take away from their good work) or the sat-28th! (of March of course)

Let us know and we’ll get back to you with everyones fav idea/date in due course

Manchester Rubber Men (or MR.Men as someone kindly pointed out ha)